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Surface Technology


Ergonomic Adjustable Work Platforms



•  Max. net. lifting height: 600 mm

•  Tilt-resistant frame construction

•  Maintenance free

•  up to 6 m in length and 2.5 m in width

•  Maximum load capacity: approx. 600 kg

•  Surface: smooth sheet metal, tear plate or laminated wood

•  Several Platforms can be installed in a row, each individually adjustable in height, connected with stumble-free ramps


Option: transversal platform for EVA

•  Transverse platforms allow working on the body at the front and/or rear, especially when there are large differences in height between the working platform and the conveyor system.

•  Maintenance-free components

•  Implementation into the conveyor control system, automatic retraction and extension in cycle operation

•  Incl. safety contact strip